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Application Data [63] Continuation-impart of Ser. Sound-amplitude limiters are devices which limit the intensity of sound reaching the ear drum to a comfort able level while simultaneously allowing sounds of lesser intensity to reach the ear drum undiminished, intended for use basically by persons with normal hearing. It is the basic object of this invention to illustrate how the acoustical principle of sound-amplitude limiting can be utilized with ease and practicality of great numbers of persons who now suffer from the wellpublicized problem of noise pollution. The invention accomplishes this by adapting the basic acoustical principle of sound amplitude limiting into a device which is contained within the ear cannal aural orifice of the ear, thus rendering Philips 107E5698 Monitor device to be of small size, light in weight, convenient to use, practically or totally unapparent to observation, and of widespread applicability to the general ambient noise conditions experienced daily by Philips 107E5698 Monitor vast segment of the population.

The panel recommended steps to help eliminate some of the din of modern living and said the United States should establish a national goal to work toward an environment for all Americans free of noise that jeopardizes their health and welfare or unnecessarily detracts from the quality of life. One of the recommendations of the panel, to establish an Office of Noise Abatement in the Environmental Protection Agency, has been proposed by President Nixon in a bill now before the Senate.

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Philips 107E5698 Monitor The panel further stated that almost all Americans were responsible for what it called a widespread pollutant which can have many adverse effects on man. The panel said that lSO million Americans living in cities and suburbs were exposed to annoying noise that constitutes a degradation of health. For years now, and in growing numbers daily, residents near jet airports have been complaining of noise problems, and even attempting legal action. In another few years, noise problems may be compounded with the advent of the SST supersonic transport.

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This aircraft may not Philips 107E5698 Monitor be as noisy as current aircraft, but may create sonic booms, which, while of short duration, may be of high intensity. Moreover, the sonic boom gives no warning of its approaching imminence, materializing seemingly at random to persons on the ground at unpredictable times and with unpredictable intensities.


In a few years, then, persons with no protection from random, high-intensity Philips 107E5698 Monitor may well suffer in ways difficult to predict. Sixty years ago, Robert Koch, Nobel laureate, predicted: A day will come when man will have to fight merciless noise as the worst enemy of health.

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Knudsen, chancellor emeritus of the University of California, has said: Noise, like smog, is a slow agent of death. If it continues for the next 30 years as it has for the past 30, it could become lethal. From the above discussion, and an awareness of the general scope and broad, widespread nature of the problem of noise pollution, it becomes apparent that it has been virtually Philips 107E5698 Monitor, within the context of our present technology, to sufficiently silence our machines, appliances, and all other sources of noise, to an appreciable extent.

While it is true that, in some instances, there has been some success in reducing noise levels, the general level of noise continues to increase, due to the incompatability of the operation of present machines with the non-production of noise. In other words, if the attention of noise-abatement endeavors is predominantly focused, as it currently is, upon the present sources of noise, there is relatively little of practical value that can be accomplished, as proven by Philips 107E5698 Monitor current growing magnitude of the problem.

In addition, it has simultaneously become possible, by utilizing modern microminiaturized electronic techniques, to package the device so that it is situated comfortably, unnoticed, Philips 107E5698 Monitor untroublesome in Nature's own little secret hiding place, the Philips 107E5698 Monitor canalv Thus, with such tiny, unapparent packaging, and yet retaining a high degree of efficiency, the device described herein can be an effective soldier in the battle against noise, at last offering the general populace the first practical means for relief against noise pollution. Other, more specialized applications of this device, and modifications thereof, mainly for persons who work in high-intermittant-noise environments, but who wish to retain the capacity for conversing normally with others, such as certain types of industrial workers and soldiers, for example, may prove to be quite numerous.


Thus, it is a principle object of the present invention to provide a device which subdues the intensity of ambient sound so that it reaches the ear drum within the limit of comfort, and simultaneously permits ambient sound which is below the limit of Philips 107E5698 Monitor to reach the ear drum undiminishcd. It is another principle object of the present invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter, in accor dance with the above paragraph, which is worn by the user as a self-contained unit in the outer end of the ear canal; and which, for most persons with normal hearing, is worn as an identical pair, one device in each ear canal. It is another object of the invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter for limiting the intensity of sound reaching the human ear drum to be below the threshold of discomfort while simultaneously allowing sound below that threshold to reach the ear drum electronically reproduced, by means of an earpiece which is worn in the ear canal and which contains a sounddeadening substance located between either: It is another object of the invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter as described above which is self-contained in the ear canal and which is of the approximate size, shape, and fitness within the Philips 107E5698 Monitor canal as an ear plug.


It is another object of the invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter as described above which is self-contained in the ear canal, and which is of the approximate size, shape, and fitness within the ear canal as an earplug; such fitness being without soreness or irritation of the ear canal lining membranes by means of an undulating-surfaced, soft, resilient, and flexible earpiece casing which Philips 107E5698 Monitor localized pressure spots from arising between casing and ear canal lining, and which said earpiece casings may be manufactured in various shapes and sized, in the case of ready-made" limiters; or such fitness being provided by custom-molding said earpiece casing to the shape of the ear canal of the particular user, in the case oftailor-made limiters.

It is another object of the invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter as described above which is of the approximate size, shape, and fitness within the ear canal as an earplug, which has a soft, flexible earpiece casing, and which said earpiece is of two attachable and unattachable parts; an inner part towards the inner ear, and an outer part towards the outer ear.

It is a further Philips 107E5698 Monitor of this invention to provide a novel sound-amplitude limiter as described above, the inner and outer casings of which are fitted over, contain, and are bonded Philips 107E5698 Monitor, or are molded over, an inner and outer housing. 17 inch CRT Monitor E56/ Unfortunately this product is Warranty. See the following document for more detailed information on the Philips warranty. Download the latest Philips 17 inch CRT Monitor E56/98 device drivers (Official and Certified). Philips 17 inch CRT Monitor E56/98 drivers updated daily.

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