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Otherwise it must have less than 50 segments. Note MAC addresses not already present in the bridge table of the associated kernel network device will be added and cleaned up by the PMD when closing the device.

Mellanox ConnectX-4 40Gigabit Networking MCXA-BCAT

In case of ungraceful program termination, some entries may remain present and should be removed manually by other means. As the mempool for the external buffer is managed by PMD, all the Rx mbufs must be freed before the device is closed. Otherwise, the mempool of the external buffers will be freed by PMD and the application which still holds the external buffers may be corrupted. IPv6 Multicast messages are not supported on Mellanox MCX415A-BCAT Network Card, while promiscuous mode and allmulticast mode are both set to off. Statistics MLX5 supports various of methods to report statistics: The received and sent statistics are through SW only and counts the number of packets received or sent successfully by the PMD.

30. MLX5 poll mode driver

The imissed counter is the amount of packets that could not be delivered to SW because a queue was full. The extended statistics expose a wider set of counters counted by the device.

The extended port statistics counts the number of packets received or sent successfully by the port. The flow counter counts the number of packets received successfully by the port and match the specific flow.

Configuration These options can be modified in the. This Mellanox MCX415A-BCAT Network Card has no performance impact. Enabling this option adds additional run-time checks and debugging messages at the cost of lower performance. Note For Bluefield, target should be set to armbluefield-linux-gcc. Default armv8a configuration of make build and meson build set it to then brings performance degradation. By default, the HW Tx doorbell is configured as a write-combining register.

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  • 40/56Gbps Ethernet Network Adapter, ConnectX-4 EN MCX415A-BCAT, (1x QSFP28)

The register would be flushed to HW usually when the write-combining buffer becomes full, but it depends on CPU design. Mellanox MCX415A-BCAT Network Card for vectorized Tx burst routines, a write memory barrier is enforced after updating the register so that the update can be immediately visible to HW.

However, setting this environmental variable will bring better latency even though the maximum throughput can slightly decline. Forcing them down prevents packets reception.

This feature allows to save PCI bandwidth and improve performance. Enabled by default.

MELLANOX Network Cards

Supported on: The size of CQE is aligned with the size of a cacheline of the core. If cacheline size is B, the CQE size is configured to be B even though the device writes only 64B data on the cacheline. However in some architecture, it is more beneficial to update entire cacheline with padding the rest 64B rather than striding because read-modify-write could drop performance a lot. On the other hand, writing extra data will consume more PCIe bandwidth Mellanox MCX415A-BCAT Network Card could also drop the maximum throughput.

It is recommended to empirically set this parameter. If your tracking number is available, it can be found there. If there is no tracking number and you feel your item should have shipped already please let us know and we will assist. Mellanox MCX415A-BCAT Network Card Customers:Buy MCXA-BCAT from the Mellanox Store.


Live assistance from Mellanox via chat or toll-free Same day shipping on in stock items. MCXA-BCAT. ConnectX-4 EN network interface card, 40/56GbE dual-port QSFP28, PCIe x16, tall bracket, ROHS R6. MCXA-GCAT. ConnectX-4 EN.

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