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Gamers who want to have a winning edge need to check it out! Only a small handful of players can create a run of wins on the more popular titles. You might think that the only way to make any progress is to just get stuck into the grind, but actually there are other factors that determine who wins and who loses. With PC games in particular, your choice of keyboard and mouse — those input devices that connect gamer to computer — and your choice of monitor to show the action are also important. In fact, the number of players who invest in gaming displays — advanced, high-performance displays designed for video games — has been steadily increasing, EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro among those who play first person shooters FPS.

Screenshot from Alliance of Valiant Arms. Conventional LCD monitors are 60 Hz the screen image is refreshed 60 times per second. However, the great thing about operating at four times the conventional frequency is that you get a sharp, ultra-fast image rendering speed. Firstly, each of the image frames received every second from the EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro Hz vertical synchronization is doubled — the image stream thus being converted to frames per second not by generating an intermediate frame via double-speed interpolation, but by rendering the same frame twice. Next, the backlights are blinked at times a second, interlaced with the frames per second image stream, resulting in the insertion of a black screen between every single frame.

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On top of this, overdrive processing optimization is also implemented to increase the LCD response speed. These processes are interlocked to a high degree, thus realizing a display with reduced image blurring. Even though Turbo works with Hz, an image signal with a refresh rate of Hz coming from your computer will do the job just fine. Comparing it to the input from a frame PC game image signal, there are instances when you will experience ghosting, but if this is something that bothers you, you can always switch to color mode with Turbo off. In other EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro, PC games and consumer console games can be covered by a single display. The response speed of LCDs eventually increased, and EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro high-spec products of 1 ms or 2 ms are not uncommon.

However, compared to CRTs, there is still a higher occurrence of image blurring. A CRT monitor is an impulse-type display that constantly blinks at a very high speed.


An LCD monitor is a hold-type display that holds one image onscreen until the next image is shown. It might be difficult to imagine, but the human retina gives rise to a phenomenon called the afterimage effect. Inserting a black screen in between every single frame of a moving image and thereby resetting the image that is presented to the eye allows you to see a sharp picture with a lower afterimage effect.

Foris FG2421.

If we increase the frame count, a moving image can be viewed smoothly even on an LCD screen, but even at that it is still difficult, on a structural level, to obtain a moving image as sharp as EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro from a CRT. The difference between hold-type and impulse-type displays is that with a hold-type display, the original image is maintained until the next frame in the moving image has been input. Moving images, preferably, have to be displayed as a sequence of non-step continuous images, but an LCD monitor does not function like this, and so the viewer perceives an afterimage due to the retinal afterimage phenomenon. With an impulse-type display, after an EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro has been momentarily displayed, a black screen is shown until the next frame has been input.

The user is actually seeing a set of discrete images that are spaced out in time, but as the brain interpolates these frames, the user perceives a continuous moving image with a reduced afterimage effect.

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Given this, with Turboby flashing the LED backlights times per second in synchronization with the EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro refresh of the LCD panel, and thereby inserting a black screen before each frame switches to the next frame, a pseudo-impulse type display is realized. This allows for the realization of a moving image display with a sharpness approaching that of a CRT, and greatly suppressing the afterimage effect of moving images compared to existing Hz and Hz gaming monitors.

If you use this mechanism in 2D, you can display either the right or left image, but in this case the result is 60 frame changes plus 60 black inserts per second. Compare that to the same situation with Turbo Because Turbo supports Hz, it can carry out frame changes plus black inserts per second. In other words, it realizes a smoother, sharper moving image display than 3D Vision 2, and also wins out in terms of screen brightness due to its high backlight blink speed. Specifically, the brightness with Turbo off is candelas per square meter, and with Turbo on is candelas per square meter, figures which certainly constitute EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro levels of brightness.

By the way, the flicker in still images resulting from pseudo-impulse display can be annoying, but with Turbo off the FORIS FG can also operate as a flicker-free Hz monitor. Because EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro this, it is only in FPS mode where there is lots of vigorous action that Turbo is switched on by default.


For other display modes Turbo is off by default to allow for flicker-free display. LCD TVs that claim to be 2x or 4x employ a mechanism that displays moving images smoothly by analyzing image input signals with a vertical frequency of 60 Hz and newly generating intermediate frames not in the original image data that link each existing frame. The principle is the same as increasing the number of pages in a flip book. Turbo also takes care of this issue. As was already mentioned, Turbo converts image input signals of a vertical frequency of Hz to Hz inside the monitor itself, but as this is simply a doubling process where each frame is presented as two EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro, the transform process is carried out in real time with no time lag from image input to screen display.

EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro Driver 1.0.1

Simply showing each frame twice does not result in a smooth moving image display, but when the extra frames are used for black EIZO FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor SMPro insertion the backlight is switched off it leads to a reduction in the afterimage phenomenon. This means you can expect precise control expression for games that need high-speed and high-precision control like FPSs, racing games, fighting games and rhythm action games. LCD monitor with long lag time Illustrative example of time lag in a video game. However, Turbounlike G-SYNC, was designed to reduce the afterimage phenomenon from the outset, incorporating the backlight blinking feature.

But what kind of impact will it have on gameplay when we actually try it out? We gave the display to FPS players SyaNha1 and Seven and got them to give it a thorough testing over the course of about two weeks.


Then we got them to give us their impressions of it, paying particular attention to the effect of Turbo Free Download EIZO FORIS FG Gaming Monitor SMPro Driver (Monitor). Can Hz beat the competition?! Our Expert FPS Team puts the FORIS FG to the test. With fast-paced video games or titles where timing  Missing: SMPro.

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