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But after you've packed a hard drive with your entire CD collection, Asus VX1 TMP friend's CD collection, and the best tunes that every FTP site, Usenet newsgroup, and Napster search can find, all you have is a PC that acts as a jukebox for your compressed tunes. But if you could mate your PC with your car stereo, you could take all of your MP3s with you on the road. Imagine a long drive filled with only the music you want to hear. Anders Brownworth, our resident Linux guru, networking nice guy, and close personal friend, made this dream a reality.

He took a hard drive, a soundcard, and a funky mob; stuffed them into a case that looks like a black pizza box, hooked up a vacuum fluorescent display, and wrote all the software that made it work. The Brownworth Box, as we like to call it, is designed to sit underneath your seat or in your trunk and feed music to Asus VX1 TMP car stereo.

[MOD]MODs Collection for MagMa-NX

It holds hours of music — that's almost two weeks of nonstop tunes with no repeats — and features highly programmable playlists that ensure the only music playing is the music you want to hear. Starting with a list of all the parts you'll need, we're going to take you step by step through the construction of this alternative PC system and tell you where to find the software that makes it run. We do have a word of warning, however, since this MP3 box is penguin powered: You should Asus VX1 TMP at least a passing understanding of Linux, or you'll have a difficult time getting the soft- ware installed. Anders will con- tinue to develop the software that runs the box and incorporate any new hard- ware into the design as he sees fit. Check www.

If you're up to the challenge, follow our carefully prepared instructions to build the box that will make your MP3s mobile. In true open-source fashion, we've included all the design considerations that went into the selection of each part. Feel free to make improvements on Anders' design and tell him about your tweaks at anders-mp3 Asus VX1 TMP. We went with a vacuum fluorescent display because Asus VX1 TMP yield readable characters regardless of the lighting situation, as opposed to LCDs, which are impossible to read when the sun is shining directly on them. The particular VFD module we chose is highly programmable, and includes a book that clearly explains all the commands you can send to it over the serial interface connection.

It also has room for plenty of song info on its four line by twenty- character-wide screen, and it supports simple bar graphics that you can program to visually display a song's playback progress Make sure that the VFD module you Asus VX1 TMP supports a keypad interface. The SBC model we used even does Ethe rnet.

How to Install the Open IMS Core on Linux(1) Cphacker's Blog

The big worry when running a PC directly from a car's power is the degree to which voltage kicked out by the car's alternator varies, since either Asus VX1 TMP drop or a spike will fry the delicate PC components. Our power converter is designed to clean what should be a 12V line into a guaranteed 12V power supply. Its selection was determined more by Linux compatibility than by features offered. This MHz Pentium runs much cooler than Pentium lls or Ills, yet has more than enough power to decode MP3 files, run a database, and control the display.

Asus utility drivers download 17th

If you can afford it. We chose our 1U rack mount case for both its flat formfactor and its efficient cooling system.

Normally, rack mount cases of this sort aren't seen outside a web server farm, where Asus VX1 TMP racked and stacked in large clusters and built to house fast CPUs that kick out web pages day and night without overheating. Our case features one 5.


We bought most of our MP3 box's big-ticket items online, but we picked up a lot of parts as needed from local stores. Shop around. You'll probably be able to find these same parts for a lot less at an online hardware site. Just be sure to use a reputable dealer. Asus VX1 TMP



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