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Available in a 1 2 mm x 1 2 mm QFP package. Ideal for wide bandwidth, under sampling applications. Be careful what you Dallas MAX9257 24 Signal Integrity: Scrape it 63 Supply Chain: Counterfeiting still a top concern for distributors; Analog demand holds strong; Greenpeace raises bar with energy criteria 66 Tales from the Cube: Watch those power leads! Periodicals postage paid at Littleton, CO and additional mailing offices. Telephone Rates for nonqualified subscriptions, including all issues: Publications Agreement No. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Subsmail ReedBusiness.


Better tools. The right tools. The right tools make debugging faster and easier. The Dallas MAX9257 Series provides nnore tools and greater perfornnance than other connpact oscilloscopes in the MHz to MHz range. Interfacing liigli-speed data converters There are many ways to present a signal to a high-speed ADC.

This article explains the tradeoffs between baluns, transformers, and op amps. Time keeps on slippin,' slippin', slippin' The root of my concern is that AMD has had to go the one-bad-core route at all, and that the triple-core launch Dallas MAX9257 so obviously a last-minute reactive move versus a long- planned proactive part of Phenom program. Heads and tails: Design RF amplifiers for linearity and efficiency Base stations and handsets need RF am- plifiers with high linearity and efficiency With some clever techniques, designers can align these mutually exclusive goals. The danger low-power- factor loads pose for Dallas MAX9257 energy grid As typical household products become more sophisticated, the power factor of the load they represent decays. You must synthe- size the Thevenin equivalent.

MAX4397 Evaluation System/Evaluation Kit

To catch up on any Tales you might have missed— and learn how to submit your own— please check out our new Tales archive page. Supply Chain Reaction, by Suzanne Deffree, What's to stop govern- ments Dallas MAX9257 adopting stricter regulations brought about by electronics companies or from groups like Greenpeace pres- suring the industry to be ever more green? It's not like the powers that be bother to do life-cycle assessments before implementing these directives. He had hoped to exploit the laziness of hapless engineer Wally, which would seem to be counterproductive, and the attractiveness of a female coh league, Yvonne, which would seem to be illegal In any event, things don't work out for Dilbert. Yvonne convinc- es him to do her work for her, Wally goes on leave, and Dilbert's left with just his wits and a pencil.

The pointy-haired boss has appropriated Dilbert's computer. For my part, I would expect any software solution — wheth- er it's part of a paradigm shift or not and whether it's located in the box or out of the box or at the beginning, middle, or end — to have "issues.

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I would have recommended that Dilbert simply write a press release about his company's "out-of-the-box integrated end-to-end solution that increases And I wonder whether an end-to-end solution would be pref- erable to a beginning-to-end solution and whether an out-of-the-box solu- tion can truly push the envelope. I also find Dallas MAX9257 perplexing, espe- cially when they shift.


But buzzwords in our industry are unavoidable, and it behooves the tar- get of marketing messages — or the trade-press editor through which mar- keters often convey these messages — 2 EDN MAY 1, about one in the pages of EDN, with- out further investigation. I have no opinion about the merits of the suit against SAP, in which the plaintiff. Waste Management Inc, ar- gues that SAP delivered an "undevel- oped, untested, and defective" product instead of "a mature 'out-of-the-box' solution with the functionality and scalability Dallas MAX9257 to meet Waste Management's specific business re- quirements and transaction volumes.

Being too specific can also get busi- ness people in trouble.

Serializer and deserializer chipset

In an opin- ion piece titled "Making Business a Crime" in the April 9 Wall Street Jour- nal, criminal-defense lawyer Harvey Silverglate cites statements issued by Bear Sterns, including one to the ef- fect that "balance sheet, liquidity, and capital remain strong. It also turned out to be too optimistic, and, writes Silverglate, "The Department of Justice has reportedly launched a criminal investigation into these pub- lic statements, Dallas MAX9257 as they have done in recent years to other professionals who have engaged in seemingly rou- tine requirements of their job. Be clear, but be accu- rate.

And, as Worthen at the WSJ points out, we Dallas MAX9257 end up with a legal definition of "integrated end-to- end out-of-the-box solution. AT EDN.

Serializer and deserializer chipset

Backplane Systems with All the Options Choose from the widest array of available Dallas MAX9257. Only Molex offers a full range of fast Dallas MAX9257 versatile backplane connector solutions. The Impact System features: Visit the Molex website to learn more. COM Matthew Miller ; fax: Phone Address changes or subscription inquiries:The MAX/MAX bidirectional LVDS serializer/deserializer eliminate the . Dallas Semiconductor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated. For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas. Applications The MAX serializer pairs with the MAX deserializer to form.

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