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They will remain linked if the cradle is unplugged, if the battery is removed from the imager or if the entire charge is used up, and if the imager is taken out of range of the cradle. Under normal operation, scanning of the link label will only be required once in the life of the product. Force imager to disconnect and sleep 1. It will also have the imager in Deep Sleep Mode. If the barcode is read when the imager is out of range of its linked cradle, the imager will Argox AS-8020CL, but the cradle will remain linked to the imager and will not allow another imager to be linked to it.

In this case, you may perform the item 2 below to link another imager.

PEDOMAN Network, Penang, Malaysia - Argox ASCL Bracode Scanner

Scan the Link Label and put on the original cradle — If the cradle is linked with an imager and the original pair was stopped by out of range of the cradle or out of battery of the imager, scan the link label of the cradle with a new imager Argox AS-8020CL then put on the cradle, the cradle will drop the original pair and establish a new link with the new imager. Scan the Link Label on an alternate cradle — Scanning the link label on a cradle will drop the link between the original pair and establish a link between the imager and new cradle.

If the new link is performed within range of the old cradle, it is free to establish a link to the next imager that reads its link label.

If it is done outside of the range of the old cradle, it retains its old link and will not allow a new imager to link to it Argox AS-8020CL a new imager scan the link label and put on the cradle. If the button is pushed while the imager is out of range, the cradle will unlink and make itself available to other imagers. The scanner will not drop its link with the cradle automatically, but can be linked to any other cradle by reading its link label.


A full charged battery will provide up to 55, scans over a 15 hours Argox AS-8020CL. Actual charge life on the imager will depend on the configuration of how the imager is configured via the programmable feature in this manual; in particular, Deep Sleep Mode settings can impact battery life.


When the imager is placed in the cradle, the battery will automatically charge. While charging is taking place, Argox AS-8020CL charging LED marked with a battery symbol will blink green. When the battery is fully charged, the charging LED will stay on a solid green.


If there is an error in charging either with a failure in the charging circuit or with a failure of the battery, the charging LED will flash red. When this Argox AS-8020CL, the battery needs Argox AS-8020CL be replaced. Loosen the screw at the bottom of the imager.


Take off the battery cover out of the imager. Use a Argox AS-8020CL battery pack and replace the used one. Disconnect the battery cable connector from the main board. Remove the used battery from the battery container.

Improper operation may damage the imager. Place the new battery into the battery container. Connect the battery Argox AS-8020CL connector to the main board. Put the battery cover back to the imager handle. Fasten the screw to the imager. When the imager and cradle are linked together, the imager will read and decode barcodes and transmit them via a Wireless radio to the cradle. The cradle will then transmit the barcode data to the host computer over the host cable.

This is accomplished by the linked imager and cradle comparing Argox AS-8020CL version number and configuration file check sum. The following options are available for Auto Update: Enable configuration and firmware auto update — Allows both configuration and firmware updating Default. Enable configuration auto update only — Allows only configuration updating. Disable auto update — No automatic updates will be performed. Press its trigger to wake the imager form this mode. Disable Deep Sleep Mode Default Duration 10 minutes - Force imager into deep sleep mode if there is no barcode read in 10 minutes.

The new ASCL Cordless Scanner is Argox AS-8020CL wireless version of our popular AS Scanner.

It offers the same advantages in speed, depth-of-field, reliability,  Scanner Dimensions‎: ‎95mm x 87mm x mm. ASCL(Scanner). Search Post. Post Categories.

FAQ (34). Barcode Printer (27). Desktop Barcode Printer (2); Industrial Barcode Printer (6); Mobile Barcode.

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