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Laptop touch panels profile gestures easy operation Now many laptop TOSHIBA Laptop Battery touch board support the more touch, this means that, in the use of laptop touch panel will more operation method to join, users can through the different gestures operation realize the corresponding function, this operation can improve efficiency in the use of the user.

So, laptop touch plates should be how to use? Specific some hand gestures and what achieve? Next I will do for you a detailed introduction.

Laptop toshiba satellite as battery touch board introduced classification Now the laptop touch board generally divided into two categories, one is the traditional Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff point touch operation of the touch panel, the other is now more popular more touch boards, next to introduce the two touch board difference. Touchpadlooked from the structure, main Touchpad from a piece of fingers running track to induction plate and roll, two buttons composition, roll can control the mouse of the arrow plate moving, and realize the click and double-click the operation, two button equivalent to the mouse button around. Laptop touch board introduced classification more traditional touch board design Touch panel sensor is just a toshiba satellite as battery printed on the plate on the surface of the transmission line fingers track, and realize the touch function must also with driver and software system, one can only judge a touch point, if also has more than two points to be touched, cannot make the right reaction.

The touch panel the operation is simple, but can realize the function too little, not suitable for complicated operation.


For this apple, asus, HP, manufacturers, rolled out more touch panel technology i. More touch panel is a piece of the medium have transparent sensing touch face plate, some of the panel also add a mouse button around function, toshiba satellite as battery and the traditional single point touch board are similar. Through the fingers in touch on board, is simple, practical, and can completely replace the traditional of the mouse.

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More touch board can detect touch panel in different locations and produce more in touch or adjacent to touch, and for every point in touch more touching produce different signals. So more touch board has two aspects, one is the master toshiba satellite as battery control chip can simultaneously more signal, and the second is to Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff every way the significance of the fingers signal, in other words is able to provide users with gesture recognition function, such as double refers to realize the page larger or smaller, such as the Internet chat reading operation can be simple finish.

Toshiba Satellite L350 laptop - turn off touchpad

Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff Through the introduction of the two are laptop touch board has an understanding of and the next to some of the corresponding for everyone to use touch the board of some basic operating methods. Some users in the use of laptop keyboard typing, sing will run into touch plate area, causing some unnecessary operation, so using notebook when typing in the touch panel is very necessary.


General lock touch board way for shortcuts direct lock, general notebook toshiba satellite a battery will set a touch panel lock fast button, when need not use can be closed laptop Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff board. Some characteristics of the touch panel lock operation, such as asus super when use this UX21 if detected the palm of the user met touch directly after the board and can touch areas narrow, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wrong operation, HP notebook product is in the upper left corner of the touch panel click 2, can be successful lock touch board.

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The single point touch board operation is simple, and because touch board can only detect a bit, users in the use of only click and double-click when the operation method, in touch area is selected a click, double click is open operation, after the double click drag can realize the function of select multiple files, if installed a corresponding touch board drive, we Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff also add some simple gestures operation, toshiba satellite as battery such as in touch the marginal fluctuation, left and right sides is sliding can realize view documents, as well as the function of the web. The touch panel operation is simple, do not need too much complex gestures operation. More touch can provide users with better control experience, if your laptop support Toshiba Satellite 1410-S203 Touch Pad OnOff touch, generally in the random software found on board the touch the operation method, but each manufacturer more touch of the realization of the operation method is not too the same, the toshiba satellite asx battery user can generally in accompanied with software found, now part of the laptop touch board has can support 3 points largest touch operation, support more gestures, do some daily work has been completely can replace the traditional of the mouse.

Below to introduce some commonly used to operating gestures: Double refers to the operation of the rolling-using two fingers in touch board up and down, or sliding around, can browse the web, and the mouse wheel role similar.


Double refers to zoom operation in the preview pictures-or PDF files, can realize the operation by double refers to the image and flip operation scale. Double click-using double means to tap touch plate can achieve use the toshiba satellite ast battery right mouse button similar operation; Three means sliding-in view picture, three refers to show pictures of sliding can change the content.

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All the YouTube videos show in Control Panel > Mouse >Advanced tab you can disable touchpad. Toshiba Satellite LST has is NO  Missing: ‎S Toshiba Satellite S Drivers For Windows XP download: >> BIOS Update Touch Pad Driver (Alps Electric) >> Touch Pad On/Off Utility >> Utilities.

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