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Review When it comes to big-screen notebooks packing Intel's blazing Core i7 processor, Sony is definitely playing catch-up with the rest of the field.

Sony VPCFFXB VAIO VPCFFX/B Notebook Specs and Details

Sony also includes an innovative technology called TransferJet, which allows users to move photos from select cameras by merely placing them on the laptop's palm rest albeit with added Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook and time. This multimedia machine has some drawbacks, but when it comes to performance, the F Series is one of the best Core i7 notebooks around. The notebook has an understated matte lid embossed with the VAIO logo, and a matching chassis underneath, complete with a subtly textured palm rest. In the lower left corner of the palm rest is an icon indicating where users can transfer data wirelessly using TransferJet more on this later. The keyboard, of course, has an island-style layout, something Sony was known for long before other PC makers jumped Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook board and started ditching those pillowy, closely arranged keys.

Sony VAIO VPCF113FX 16.4in. Notebook/Laptop - Customized

Below the thick speaker strip but above the keyboard you'll find multimedia keys, as well as buttons to launch Sony's VAIO Care and Media Gallery software. The glowing green power button is still built Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook the side of the hinge, which is an attractive touch. After 15 minutes of streaming a Hulu video at full screen, we measured temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit on the underside of the notebook, 97 degrees in the center of the keyboard, and 98 degrees on the touchpad. While temperatures in the 90s are warm, we don't become concerned until they break degrees. On the bottom of the notebook--near the vents on the left side--we measured temps of degrees. Keyboard and Trackpad We quickly took to the VAIO F's island keyboard, which combines a sturdy panel with large keys whose satin finish feels soft to the touch.

We'd even go so far as to say that the keyboard is as comfortable as the famed keyboards on Apple's MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The backlighting, which turns on automatically in dim settings, is also a cool perk. The VAIO F has a full number pad--a plus for gamers--so you'll have to get used to typing left of center on the keyboard deck.


Even typing at what felt like a slow, ginger pace, we were still able to notch 88 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor, which is also our high score on the office desktop we use every day. Sony got the touchpad-and-buttons combo right. The Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook, which measures a comfy 2.

The trackpad also supports multitouch gestures, such as pinching and zooming. Getting the hang of these motions took a few tries, partly because the touchpad isn't quite large enough to Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook use two fingers at once. Also, we found that for gestures such as zooming, we had to apply a certain amount of pressure on the pad, and move our fingers at a certain speed. It wasn't difficult to learn, and the pictures on screen resized themselves smoothly; just know there's a small learning curve.

As for the mouse buttons, they're easy to press without feeling too stiff or mushy. And they're large enough to comfortably rest a finger there. When we watched Iron Man on Blu-ray, details such as the flames in explosions looked crisp. On the other hand, the display didn't look as bright as others we've tested recently, such as the Acer Aspire G or Dell Studio The viewing angles from the Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook were good Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook the glossy finish, which means various people can sit around this big-screen laptop and watch a movie together.

The speakers, located above the keyboard, produced surprisingly tinny sound; when we streamed various Motown songs from Slacker, the bass notes were pretty weak. And when we watched our Iron Man Blue-ray, the notebook achieved neither the volume nor richness in tone that we enjoyed when we viewed the same movie on the Aspire G. To be fair, that's a However, because of the relatively low resolution, our images weren't the most detailed. A feature called Masques, which make it easy to blend your face with, say, an elf's, produces funny results, and is effortless to use. Like other vendors, such as HP, Sony includes face tracking technology with its webcam, which means Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook camera will pan and zoom to follow Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook face, keeping it in focus, as you move around in front of the camera.

TransferJet The most unique thing about the VAIO F Series is that it's part of a flagship generation of Sony products to include TransferJet, a proprietary technology that allows users to wirelessly transfer data--such as photos--from one enabled device to another. Right now, the technology is being embedded into select Sony notebooks and cameras, so one could take advantage of TransferJet by either touching two such digital cameras together or, as in this case of the VAIO F Series, placing a TransferJet camera on top of a similarly equipped VAIO laptop. Sony allows users to transfer up to 20 photos at once, and promises speeds of up to Mbps, which is supposedly faster than wireless-G, wireless-N, and wireless USB.

Although TransferJet-enabled notebooks, such as this one, simply have Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook technology built in, Sony Cybershot camera owners have to go one step further: Almost immediately, we saw a message in our system tray Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook that our VAIO had recognized our TransferJet-enabled camera. Once we did this, the computer took just three seconds to spit back a dialog box, asking us to click Import to approve the transfer. Then, Picture Motion Browser, Sony's photo viewing software, launched without a blip, and we could immediately see our photos in the library.


Although this process is neat and easy to master, it's neither the fastest nor the least expensive option. All Sony cameras now support both Memory Stick as well as SD, the cheaper and more popular of the two Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook. Secondly, transferring via USB is still faster.

Drivers for Sony VAIO VPCF113FX notebooks chipsets

Whereas copying those nine photos and that one-minute video clip took 25 seconds with TransferJet, it took just 9 seconds using the camera's included USB cable. The 7,rpm hard drive is fast, too; it copied a 4. The Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook boot time far exceeds the second category average.

In our hands-on testing, everyday computing, such as launching our browser and switching between tabs for our Twitter feed, NYTimes. The only time the computer choked was when we had just inserted a Blu-ray Sony Vaio VPCF113FX Notebook to play using Corel WinDVD BD Reference Player, and briefly switched back to our browser to take one last look at one of our tabs. When we closed the browser, we enjoyed smoother performance from WinDVD. The VAIO F VPCFFX/B Notebook Computer from Sony is a large-screen notebook computer, designed with multimedia performance in mind. It features a. The notebook keyboard is not working properly.

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Troubleshoot a Important Safety Notification for the Sony® VAIO® F11 and CW2 Series VAIO Update Software Version (Windows 32bit/64bit) (Windows 10 32bit/64bit) 01/15/.

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