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CPCFS -nd empty. CPCFS image. BAS can be omitted. If there isn't a basic loader, run the.

Miscellaneous files for Amstrad computers (CPC, PCW and NC) by name

BINary program directly: BIN can be omitted. Tradingpost btinternet. You need to follow exactly these instructions. As is usual with things like this, you do everything entirely Amstrad rosandoc your own risk. I have done this on my own PC without damaging it, but cannot guarantee that it will work with yours. Note of the FAQ keeper, I have a report of someone trying out the following instructions, who had his controller burnt, and another whose 3" drive died, so beware.

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Asrock P67 Transformer XFast USB
HP G72-251XX Notebook Ralink WLAN
Asus K93SM USB Charger Plus

These instructions only apply to the DDI-1 package. Install 22DISK!


You will need to tell it Amstrad rosandoc have no A: ZIP 1 open your PC, following all usual precautions such as turning off the power and discharging any static electricity on your body! This step is important.

See note 1 3 Find the connector that is meant for the B: It is probably on the same cable as the connector for the A: The A: The B: You may have to Amstrad rosandoc the keyway on the connector off. Different PCs have different keyways on their connectors, so you may not have to attack it with a file.

Index of /ftp/pub/amstrad/misc

So much for standardisation! Tell it you have no A: If of course you want to use Speccy disks Note 1: Amstrad's disk drive is reasonably standard, but not quite! When you install it, it claims to be both your physical drive 0 Amstrad rosandoc physical drive 1.

As such, if you expect it to be just drive 1 B: I found this the hard way, and Amstrad rosandoc to buy a new 3. Note 2: You may have to run a program from a system disk which came with your computer.

Index of /ftp/pub/amstrad/misc

Things like the Disk Change line may be different, but if you set up Amstrad rosandoc PC to ignore that and possibly tell it it's a K driveyou should be OK. A reply to the last two paragraphs: It actually depends on the type of 3" drive.


PCB gold plated edge connector and are compatible. Genuine Amstrad drives on the other hand Amstrad rosandoc a way PCB header which contains all Amstrad rosandoc useful signals, although some have been removed. This is Amstrad's file archive covering computer related products made by our Zip, K, All the model specific software for Amstrad Integra RosanDoc. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the d.8bit newsgroup in this operating system then get: ftp://

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