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It will also improve your chances of getting support. Please stick to how Ubuntu is running when installed on specific machines here. Support requests should go in the appropriate sub-forums, as varunendra suggests.

Unless you are using a server release that version is not supported and has reached end-of-life. But thanks for sharing.


Bucky Ball October 16th, You haven't been able to update or upgrade any software for an age and if the machine is online it is a potential security risk. Please see HERE http: Of course I've changed out wifi cards to Intel Will boot with third party drivers but needs the updates version. Both of these were introduced at The Quadro card appears to not be supported by nouveau, so I booted the installation media and system with "nouveau. This is both with hybrid graphics enabled or disabled in the bios. This may be a specific incompatibility with the GK series and may not be needed if you have a GK based card.

I can even warm dock the machine to external lcd's without issue. Suspend and resume works as expected. I use it with hybrid graphics enabled in the bios, but without the "enhanced display feature" checked because periodically it would bootup without detecting the intel card at all. For some reason if you have hybrid graphics disabled in the bios then you loose the ability to control backlight brightness on the lcd out of the box. This may be something specific to the 3. Audio out works both via the dock to Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA, as well as internal laptop speakers. If you plug in headphones it mutes everything else as expected.

Clevo drivers download

The Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA mic above the lcd works fine, as does the camera. Plugging my headphones in shuts off the internal mic and causes it to instead use the one in the headphones. The mute button above the keyboard works as expected.


The internal intel nic works great, both docked and directly plugged into the laptop. The intel centrino AN wifi works ok.


I haven't experienced any drops yet the few times I have used it. I have not tested the intel bluetooth device, but it is detected and should behave as well as other laptops that have this chip. The airplane mode button above the keyboard also works as expected. Obviously this "optimization" of theres is very powerful, because if it was minor, it wouldn't be pushing our systems past the point of computer safety, which triggers that wonderful tdr. So the best solution, in my honest opinion bioware, create a setting directly on the launcher that lets you turn on or off your Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA "optimization".

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Put a question mark with information essentially saying, "if your computer begins to have stability issues, your computer is already performing at maximum performance, and using this optimization will only push it to crash. Also, go ahead and leave the option default checked, as it isn't a Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA majority of players having this issue. This should keep the lower-mid end guys happy as can be, and we'll be happy our systems are able to run smoothly again.

Bump this ish right here people DarkInsidious I can literally account for 9 hours of phone conversation for PC troubleshooting with my brother. Are you going to pay me for that work day or what?

Clevo hardware drivers. Get clevo drivers download

I may not have solved the problem but I'm doing the same thing you are".

It is designed to keep your machine from crashing when the GPU experiences longer-than-expected delays i. I suspect the SWTOR programmers are trying to optimize game play on more advanced systems and have introduced code that causes these advanced cards to Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA their capabilities momentarily, causing transient high-temperatures or other problems that trigger TDRs.

The problem also apparently triggers changes to config or registry Clevo 5100C5300C5500C VGA somewhere because once it happens in SWTOR the problem reappears in other games. Free download, review of Clevo C/C/C VGA Driver (CLEVO). It also specializez in Tablet PCs, LCD PCs, IA products and Wireless. Download Driver. ModelC/C/C Driver Type: VGA VGA, Video driver for Windows 9x.USA · ASIA · EUROPE, ,

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