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Table displays the preliminary AEC estimates, i. Desktop PCs 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 Workstations. Cell site equipment, transmission fiber opticpublic phone network, private branch exchanges, wireless phones.

Not final values; see Section 5 for final values. First, UPS systems energy consumption had received minimal study in the past, whereas prior work e. Second, UPS systems exhibit potential for very strong growth in both the quantity of units and AEC due to increasing emphasis on power quality and growth in data center development. Newer POS terminals, on the other hand, have tended to show reduced energy consumption per unit e. We continued to update our AEC estimates for the equipment types not selected for refined study as we encountered useful data and actively sought improved data for those believed to consume more energy such as POS 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01, ATMs, facsimile machines.

Appendix A presents the AEC calculations for all equipment types not.

Section 5 contains AEC estimates for all devices, most notably equipment studied in more detail. Year Commercial office and telecommunications equipment consumed about TW-h of electricity in Y see Figure The equipment underlying the communications backbone of the Internet, i. The following sections present equipment descriptions and AEC calculation details for the key equipment types. Engelbart, of the Stanford Research Institute, developed the first personal word-processing computer in Three years later, microprocessor- based personal computers using Intel microprocessors first became commercially available. For two decades, the personal computer PC has served as a vital instrument in the business world, used 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 numerous tasks including data entry, word processing, desktop publishing, and data 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01.

PCs now provide people access to additional modes of communication, including electronic mail, instant messaging, and web-based presentation and.


The two basics tasks carried out by PCs, running programs and storing data, operate in this fashion. PCs run programs to carry out all sorts of tasks, be they mundane managing the screen display or a game of solitaire3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 sophisticated word processing and spreadsheet programs or extremely complex, fluid flow simulation or data processing programs. To run a program, the PC reads the program code into the Random Access Memory RAMwhere the microprocessor executes the instructions in the program code. The speed of the central processing unit CPU impacts the rate at which the computer can execute a given program, which is 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 important when dealing with complex graphics and design software.

3Com Ergo Audrey-Slate - handheld - QNX - " Series Specs - CNET

The processor speed represents the number of times the gates within the microchip can switch in a given period 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 time, e. Consequently, the price per unit of processing power has dropped 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 a factor of approximately 10, over the past 30 years!

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It is this remarkable progress that has made the PC ubiquitous and has enabled PCs to perform data-intensive functions carried out by mini- or mainframe-computers in the past. Beyond that, however, the future rate of progress remains unclear as the current chip-producing technology approaches its physical limits and the price of new chip fabrication plants becomes potentially cost-prohibitive. Computers store data in three 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01, either to a hard drive installed in the computer, 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 external drives, or by sending it to a storage device on the network.

Hard drives are read-only memory ROMmeaning that they cannot execute programs. Instead, they store data, be it the document produced by a word processing program, a digital image, or the raw data output of a data processing program. The data storage. Computers transfer files to network file servers via local area networks LANswide area networks WANs or the Internet, where the files are saved in different types of storage media.

Energy Consumption by Office and Telecommunications Equipment in Commercial Buildings

In the past several years, very limited portions of PC functionality have begun to migrate to other, typically handheld devices equipped 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 some capabilities of 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01, such as smart handheld devices e. Ultimately, commercial stock estimates were based on Akatsu et al.


To calculate the desktop and laptop computer stock segregation, we calculated the residential PC stock and subtracted it from the total PC stock see Table We accounted for households possessing multiple computers by assuming that the percentage of computer-owning households with multiple computers in Y was the same as in i. This yields the approximate residential stock of desktop and laptop PCs. PC Sales Data. Percent of Residences with a Residential Stock, Desktop and 62, Result: About half of the difference likely reflects the fact that our stock also includes PCs in industrial buildings Consequently, the assumption that the EIA a. We assumed that percentage remained the same in Table lists the corresponding usage patterns by mode in hours per year. Physically, workstations resemble desktop PC towers, albeit somewhat larger in profile. Copeland et al. Official 3Com 3CAUBLK Free Documentation 3Com 3C8300AUBLK-01 - .

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